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Nomadik Barley Vodka

inspired by the world × Crafted in ontario


Nomadik spirits

Nomadik makes artisanal spirits for those on the move and who are seeking out the new and exceptional. Nomadik spirits are distilled in small batches, using only the finest Canadian-sourced ingredients; inspired by the finest in the world, crafted in Ontario. Our first offering is deliciously smooth Nomadik Barley Vodka


Nomadik Barley vodka

Nomadik Barley Vodka is distilled in copper pot stills and is only made with the finest two-row Canadian barley.  The cold winters and hot summers make Canadian barley a perfect ingredient for creating a vodka with a slightly nutty taste and a smooth creamy finish. Each batch is made in limited quantities and with only the very heart of the distillation run, giving Nomadik its pure, smooth and distinctly creamy taste. Enjoy Nomadik neat, over ice, infused with a touch of lemon or in your favourite cocktail.




While Nomadik Barley Vodka has only recently launched, it has already received some great recognition!


BEPPI CROSARIOL - Globe and mail

Rating: 95

"... It has what many big brands in the vodka category lack: sumptuous flavour. Crafted in small batches (I sampled a bottle from batch B-01), it has a subtly earthy aroma reminiscent of dried hay. On the palate, it is bone-dry (again, not like those “other” subtly sweet, populist brands). Yet the texture is admirably silky nonetheless, carrying notes of cereal grain and pear, with traces of licorice and black pepper, culminating in a smooth finish."