The Story of Nomadik

Like many businesses ideas this too started at a local bar. The three partners of Nomadik, Ryan, Farjad and Vanja, first connected as classmates, but quickly became friends over a shared passion for travel and good quality spirits from around the world. Prior to meeting, each of the partners had been a nomad in their own ways. Ryan lived and worked in former Soviet Union for several years, and immersed himself in the world’s epicentre of vodka culture. Farjad, living in British Columbia, explored the local craft and exotic spirits available in East Asia and the Levant. While, Vanja’s work took him around the world, including India, China, Australia, Brazil, Europe and North America, where he always sought out to experience local culture, customs and of course spirits.

When the three partners met at Richard Ivey School of Business, the business ideas were flowing as fast as the drinks were. However upon graduation it all needed to be put temporarily on ice: our nomad lives were calling. Ryan and Farjad ended up moving to the Middle East for work; while Vanja moved to New York. Upon returning to Canada in 2012, our passion for artisanal spirits flared up again, and we started working to bring our original ideas to life.

Inspired by our travels and experiences, but also dedicated to Canada, local craftsmanship, pure water and natural ingredients we decided to launch Nomadik Spirits: Inspired by the world, crafted in Ontario.

The first in Nomadik's line of planned offerings is the Nomadik Barley Vodka.

There were several reasons why the team choose to use 100% Canadian two-row malted barley. Barley's compact grain pacts a ton of flavour, that if treated in the right way (which we assure you it is!), creates a vodka so pure, smooth and distinctly creamy you will enjoy only with Nomadik; whether you sip it straight, over ice, infused with a touch of lemon or in a cocktail.

Please enjoy responsibly!